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Visit the Mosque

Visit the Mahdi Mosque

Mosques are places of worship for the Muslims. According to Islamic scriptures, mosques are houses of God Almighty - hence they remain open to people of all faiths, nationalities and backgrounds.

Throughout the year we welcome guests into our mosque and provide them guided tours. We believe that visiting worship places of various religions opens our minds and helps our community grow in tolerance and respect. In this age of violence and conflict, it is necessary to educate ourselves and grow in respect for one another.
To book a tour of the mosque (for individuals, groups, schools, organizations) please contact us by calling, messaging or via WhatsApp at 876-283-9533.

Here are some highlights from various occasions at Mahdi Mosque.

Inspector Grant visiting the Mahdi Mosque

School children visiting the Mosque to learn about other faiths

Visitors from Old Harbour Police attending the Health Fair

A glimpse from Annual Conference of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Jamaica